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Hello and welcome to our aviation medicine website. I am Dr. Brendan Adams, and I put the website up for several reasons. The first is to give pilots some tools to help them use our office services more easily (see menus - left). The second is to educate the aviation community. Thirdly, as half of my practice involves safety sensitive addiction medicine, and I frequently lecture on the subject, some of the reference material commonly requested by others also appears on this website. As you search this site, it is my hope that you will find a variety of materials which are useful in terms of aviation, addiction medicine, and safety sensitive transportation medicine. The topics currently available can be found on the articles page.

Some tools you may find helpful:
There are two downloadable forms. If you complete the relevant ones prior to your office visit, things will go more smoothly. For first-time visitors to the office (if I've never done a Transport Canada medical examination for you) please complete form one - an Initial Pilot Questionnaire; if you have been here before, and are coming to renew your pilot medical, please complete form two - Update Questionnaire. Please bring these forms with you to your appointment. Visit our forms page to download a copy of the appropriate document. Please remember if this is your first pilot medical ever (you have never undergone a Canadian pilot medical anywhere, with any doctor, even remotely) you will need a form of picture identification, preferably a passport. Transport Canada asks us to Xerox this piece of information, on a one-time basis only, during your first medical.

Lastly, it has been my experience that many individuals have specific questions about the medical examination, timing, and necessary tests or whether a particular medical diagnosis is likely to cause difficulties obtaining a license. For more complex issues, it is easiest to make an appointment to discuss these. For simple issues, please use our contact page to send an e-mail, which we can respond to as soon as we are able. For those preferring a fax number, that is also available on our contact page.

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