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Dr. Adams is usually available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday afternoons, and Fridays at YBW (Springbank Airport). Although on rare occasions, we can handle walk-ins, especially if you do not mind waiting until we can work you in, appointments are normally required. We wish to make this process as easy as possible for you, and thus you have a choice of booking by telephone, (403) 269-5323, requesting an appointment by fax or using our online booking request calendar (below). To minimize frustrations we have an online booking system as an alternative to the telephone. We only have a single receptionist - and we're out of the office Tuesdays and Thursday mornings, so phone calls cannot always be answered as promptly as we'd like. Our system does take voice messages and we WILL get back to you as soon as we're able. Remember - those wearing contact lenses should come with them removed - then we'll need to have you put them back in to check your corrected vision. Bring your glasses too- we have to check these as Transport demands you have a set of up-to-date glasses to use if your contact(s) falls out or become contaminated. Bring your eyeglass prescription if you have it. Bring a list of medications and doses you are taking. Remember to bring your medical certificate.

This system will allow you to view openings with Dr Adams on a day to day basis and answer your questions of when the office is open, and what days are available.  Our staff will confirm with you the specific appointment times available via email address you provide, or by phone.
If you are trying to book with less than one weeks notice, please request a second date in case we can't accommodate your first, as Dr. Adams is often booked for the week.

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YBW Aeromedical Clinic is a registered trade name of Brendan D. Adams Professional Corporation.